Frank ChambersMy name is Frank Chambers; I own a car and a motorcycle. My love for motorcycles is not new-found, I remember wanting to ride a motorbike since my childhood days. As soon as I could afford my own vehicle I bought a Triumph Street Triple 2011 made. I am from Cameron, Wisconsin and the weather is pleasant here for most time of the year.

It is the good weather here which adds to the immense fun off riding on the beautiful roads here along with my absolute love for my ride. For sure riding takes a lot of attention, footwork, handwork and complete concentration of the rider as it is joyous with a zing of adventure, adrenaline, and pure bliss.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride, a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in a state of complete-awareness when on the ride.

If you own a motorcycle, you will understand that it is four to five times less expensive than a car; there are tremendous cost savings in every aspect. Depreciation is very low, insurance is extremely cheap, motorcycle’s cost itself is less, extremely fuel-efficient and the major advantage is the parking facilities you get.

You are entitled to park absolutely anywhere all courtesy to the little space your ride will take, no hassle at all. My Honda four-wheeler never gives me such joy while driving; I feel cut-off from everything happening outside while driving a car. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on your face and different voices of the world outside. It is a new experience every time I take my bike out for a ride.