Best Motorcycle CoverMany people and organizations are constantly supporting the notion of owning and riding a motorcycle. And the benefits are definitely unquestionable, given the road tax and fuel savings. After owning a motorcycle, you need to protect it from weather and dust as well. So, you will definitely need the best motorcycle cover for that.

There are many things that will require your consideration and time before you invest. I will be discussing all that.

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  • QUALITY MATERIALS-Made of 210D OXFORD fabric ,which is non abrasive and water repellent, lightweight and super soft.
  • IMPROVED WEATHER PROTECTION –Protect your motorcycle against rain, dust, heat, tree sap,inclement weather with top to bottom coverage.
  • LOCKHOLES & WINDPROOF BUCKLE-2 Aluminium lockholes and 2 windproof buckles design,which help lock your motor and to better fix,A Great Deal come from our company.
  • 24 Hours Service & STORAGE BAG-Feel free to contact us if any issue we will provide serive in 24 Hours ,Storage Bag keep cover properly,do not worry to use this everywhere.

Why is it so important?

Why can’t you just let your motorcycle stand without a cover? Is covering it really that important?

Yes, it is. Now if you are fortunate enough to own a garage, then great! It would make a good shelter for your vehicles including your bike. But, more than 60% motorcycles owners without a garage definitely need to look for alternatives. Why?

  • A good quality motorcycle cover that fits well will protect your priced possession. The cover material should be able to protect your vehicle from UV rays, heat, dust, and rain. This way the motorcycle will be safe from the environmental elements and also the prying eyes of thieves. Many bike shops, automobile accessory sellers, and online stores sell motorcycle covers.
  • The best motorcycle cover should be made from a good, reliable and durable material. These covers are available in a variety of sizes to fulfill your requirements. The motorcycle is a fun and economical ride and a good rider will most certainly keep it safe with a cover.

Recognize your requirements

The cover should be bought strictly on the basis of your requirements. Do you require a snow shelter? Something for the rain with premium waterproofing capabilities? Normal protection from dust and only for indoor use? Or you are looking for safety from humidity and security from corrosion?

A motorcycle cover price has a wide range. This happens because a cover could have a single plastic layer or 5 layers of specialized protection. Added features could include a waterproofing top layer or UV protection treatment.

A motorcycle stored in a crowded parking lot will usually require a bright colored cover and reflective panels for the night. More such things need to be considered. If you are not sure about what exactly to look for, you can read further to understand more.

1. Local weather situation

If you live in a humid, coastal place then consider buying a dehumidifier cover. And if chances are that you will be keeping your motorcycle outside most of the time, then take into account the weather conditions.

On one hand, where dust is the major issue for indoor storage, outside motorcycle storage has many pointers for you to think about. What sort of weather is common in your area? Is it snow, rain, harsh sun or high-speed winds?

2. Don’t seal the moisture

Another factor to think about is the condensation or moisture accumulation inside the cover. The best motorcycle cover would be equipped with a good ventilation system. Small vents allow proper circulation of air which in turn keeps the temperature and moisture in check.

3. Quality Fabric

Look for a fabric that can be cleaned easily. Also, if you need fully waterproof cover, ensure that the seams are waterproof as well. A motorcycle cover that fades quickly when placed outdoors also does not look good. The performance and quality both are degraded in such a scenario.

Choose anti-microbial fabrics that deter the growth of mildew, mold or fungi. The cleaning process for such fabric is also different. They require regular cleaning as well but not laundry. They can be cleaned with garden hose spray, soft brush, and some mild soap if necessary.

4. Color & Fit

The most common color choices available are silver-grey or black. But there are color block options out there. And some manufacturers also provide different bright colors. Choose a bright color if you are storing in a crowded parking lot. Also look for reflective panels; they are important for spotting your motorcycle in the dark.

Ensure that the cover you are about to invest in covers your motorcycle completely. It has to be a perfect fit for the right kind of protection.

5. Deter potential theft

A huge benefit is deterring the potential threat. A thief would go for an uncovered motorcycle rather than a covered one. Because there will be some doubt about what is exactly under the cover? A kid’s scooter or a rusted old bike? This is enough to thwart a criminal. Also taking off the cover to check will take extra time. Especially a well-sealed and locked cover.

Is there more to think about?

This is not all; there are much more small things that you need to ponder upon. You need to remember that you have to take some time after a ride and allow your motorcycle to cool off. Never cover immediately.

And, your work is not just done after buying a cover and covering your bike. You might require a locking system for your bike or the cover itself.

While measuring a cover for your motorcycle, do add the modifications that you have done to your motorcycle. As in this case you cannot follow the default dimensions of your motorcycle model. The best motorcycle cover should have all these qualities and even more.

The final choice

I have made a list of the topmost acclaimed motorcycle covers. They fulfill varying needs and demands; select one fulfilling your preference. Or you can select two, there is something for everyone.

1. Nuzari Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

The Nuzari premium outdoor heavy-duty waterproof motorcycle cover is made to fit almost all cruisers and Sports bikes. This cover is made from polyester to last through all seasons of the year. The durable fabric is completely waterproof. The luggage strap has an elastic bottom which is heavy-duty providing a snug fit. It also ensures that the cover does not blow away during winds.

Covers have reflective strips to allow more visibility and they reflect light from a distance of half a mile. They make it easy for the ongoing traffic to spot you. The heat shield or hot pipes inside the cover prevent melting and burning. The cover has 150 degrees of heat rating. It is a breathable cover with waterproof vents to allow passing of air and prevention of tipping over in winds. It is available in three color choices and 4 size options.


  • Windscreen protector made of soft cotton prevents windshield scratching while installation
  • Cover is lockable with durable sewn cut out places for cable locks, wires, or chains
  • Good for all bikes but specifically suits Harley Davidson


  • The color of the cover fades really quickly when left outdoors
  • The sewing quality of the motorcycle cover could use some improvement
  • It is one cover for all bikes, so you might notice some baggy areas or extra space left after covering a motorcycle

2. CarCapsule Indoor Inflatable Motorcycle Cover

The 8-foot inflatable cover uses a technology different from conventional cover and storage options. It is famously also called BikeCapsule. This is actually an inflatable air bubble made of 10mm durable PVC polished twice. The principle behind this innovation is a pressurized fan that provides a continuous flow of air. This keeps your motorcycle dry by preventing condensation. It is aimed at corrosion and dust prevention which are problems usually faced inside a garage.

The Evaporative Storage filters the bubble air 3 to 6 times in one hour. This keeps the inside temperature consistent and eliminates the chances of moisture condensation. To select the correct size, measure the length of your motorcycle. Then include 6 inches to the length you measured, the result will be the size you should order. This is the best motorcycle cover with dimensions (of 8 feet piece) 96 x 68 x 32 inches (Length x Height x Width).


  • PVC cover has welded seams with radio frequency for protection from accidental damages
  • 18 mm thick PVC base mat that is impervious to flame, abrasion, mildew, antifreeze, gas, and oil
  • Coil zipper made of 100% nylon, prevents scratching


  • The use of this cover is restricted to indoor only
  • Protects from dust and corrosion, but no protection from environmental elements
  • A little costly

3. Formosa Covers Premium Quality Motorcycle Covers

The high-quality covers by Formosa Covers are more than 108 inches in length. This outdoor cover comes with a 45” lock & cable set. The cover is perfect to protect your motorcycle from harsh natural elements. It is made of 300 Denier heavy-duty polyester fabric with UV coating, weather guard, and water resistance.

All stitching is a nylon thread double top with heated seam sealing. Lower areas have a Thermo Guard that is basically heat resistant nylon. The windshield area has a fabric lining of soft cloth to resist scratches. It provides ample space to cover engine guards, saddlebags, sissy bars and all other possible modifications of your motorcycle.


  • Great protection from elements, the material is sturdy and durable
  • Vents to prevent condensation and deter corrosion
  • Covering bags are included
  • Heavy-duty front wheel and center grommets for locking bike cover


  • Could do better if it had antennae cut out
  • Available mostly in black color that is difficult to spot in dark in spite of small reflector stripes
  • Size issues, pick the correct size after thorough consideration

4. Dowco Guardian Zip Motorcycle Cover

The WeatherAll Plus Guardian EZ Zip cover by Dowco is the best motorcycle cover for outdoor use. It comes with a lifetime warranty by Dowco even with daily outdoor use. The EZ Zip cover is easy to install because of the rare zip which helps with large bikes. The ClimaShield technology used in the WeatherAll covers protects from UV ray fading, mildew, and rain.

The cover is made of Denier polyester, which is waterproof and breathable. There is a heat shield with warm pipes and a Reflective Moisture-Guard venting system to prevent moisture. The bottom of the cover has a shock elastic cord for a snug fit and a polyester webbing to avoid ripping off in high-speed winds. For easy transport and storage, a drawstring bag is included.


  • Easy to install, comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Rear zipper allows easy access to storage areas such as saddlebags without having to remove the entire cover
  • Lifetime Warranty!


  • Requires better scratch resistant liner and cut out for antennas
  • Size issues as measurements are a little confusing
  • Not completely waterproof, water seeps in through seams or zipper

5. The Bike Shield Cover

The Bike Shield is a great shelter cum storage tent for motorcycles of all sizes and shapes. This cover is a self-enclosing cover unit or portable garage that will provide protection from sunlight, dust, rain and everything else. The strong lock system, cross plate, and 16 square galvanized pipes keeps the motorcycle protected. The fabric is durable with thick interior polyurethane coating and high water repellence.

The vents on either side of the best motorcycle cover will provide continuously cut back humidity build-up. You can just cover the motorcycle instantly as you park because the tent will be nowhere near the hot exhaust. It works for most motorcycles including Bimota, Benelli, Royal Enfield, Moto Guzzi, Victory, MV Agusta, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Harley Davidson and much more.


  • Waterproof cover
  • No waiting for the motorcycle to cool down after riding and before covering
  • Premium multi-task cover or garage


  • Product manual could use better directions for use and care
  • Inner screws might cause scratching of paint on your motorcycle, so beware!
  • A little flimsy and reportedly the cover does not close completely


Hopefully, your quest for the best motorcycle cover will end here. Remember, a good quality cover will keep your motorcycle safe from environmental elements and prolong its life too.

If you find this blog informative in any way, do share it with your friends and fellow riders. Leave your comments and remarks below, we welcome and value your opinion.

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