Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s Guide
Motorcycles convey a sense of freedom – motorcyclists love to feel the wind in your face and enjoy the greater flexibility of the rack compared to cars. Nevertheless, the high-powered machinery also entices a riskier driving behavior. Motorcyclists are in traffic – as well as other two-wheeled vehicles – increase your security risk exposure. Although the number of fatalities is in all categories of vehicles, according to the Federal Statistical Office declined.
However, which are consequences of an accident at motorcyclists significantly heavier than motorists or moped riders. This demonstrates just how important the correct protective clothing takes up when riding a motorcycle – especially a motorcycle helmet. Here I have best motorcycle helmet reviews in different categories. Read reviews and find out what you need to know before buying the cool bike helmets.

The most important thing in short

  • Motorcyclists are in accidents on average heavier than hurt other road users. Reasons for this are the high speeds and relatively low protection against injuries. The most important part of protection is the good cruiser helmets.
  • Helmets are the right choice for drivers of large motorcycles with many helmets are suitable for scooter riders or drivers of classic machines at lower speeds.
  • Who is fond of traveling by motorcycle, you should opt for a full face helmet.

Bike riding is always excited for the riders. As a rider, I also have that excitement. But while riding, the most critical part is the rider’s safety. And when it’s a safety issue, the first thing comes in our mind, is a bike helmet.

One day I saw one of these bikes fall and crash right before my eyes and that shook me to the core. The rider had plenty of road rash but wound up coming out of it ok, and everyone said it was due to his bike helmet. Thus you must need a helmet for you and your riding partner to keep yourself safe.

Here we’ll discuss about best helmets for motorcycles and their reviews to choose the best and affordable brands for you.

Which Best Motorcycle Helmet Types Are There?

Popular helmets there are different shapes and colors. This can be basically 4 types differ, we would like to present here briefly.

Best The Full Face helmetThe Full Face helmet

The full face helmet is the typical bike helmet with chin protection, as found in most drivers of the larger machines. It Gives you the best coverage for your face and head. The face shield on it protects you from insects and debris that could break your concentration. Plus, it prevents injury to your head and face during a crash. It consists of a helmet shell with solid chin and has a visor, which can be folded down completely. This provides the helmet even at high speeds protection against cold or annoying wind. The shape of the helmet is particularly aerodynamically, i.e. streamlined, so the wind cannot lift the helmet when riding. They therefore also in motorcycle racing for use.

Helmets usually have vents that can be opened or closed, so it is not too hot under the helmet. The type of construction of this helmet makes them particularly safe because even chin, neck and ears are well protected. Simultaneously, the helmets are relatively easy. Newer models rarely weigh more than 1.5 kg.


  • Very good protective effect
  • Wind sleekly
  • Relatively easy


  • Overall relatively large
  • Often impractical especially for eyeglass wearers

The Flip-Up HelmetThe Flip-Up Helmet

 Structurally, the flip-up helmet is very similar to the full-face helmet, it also has a visor and a chin. Most Popular and most used helmet that actually People like to use. Also known as the flip up since the front section can be pivoted upwards, it resembles a full face design with closed. Unlike the full-face helmet but it can be folded upwards. This facilitates especially the donning and doffing of the helmet. Just wear glasses often have problems with full-face helmets and therefore prefer to use flip-up helmets. Often you can also go with folded up front.

The flip-up helmet applies less safe compared to the full-face helmet as something. He also often distinguished by a slightly increased weight.


  • Good protective effect
  • Streamlined
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • Driving with open chin possible


  • Overall relatively large
  • Slightly heavier than helmets

The Half Shell HelmetThe Half Shell Helmet

The half shell helmet is very popular with the drivers of classic bikes. This helmet gives you very minimal protection during a crash and is only recommended when you are traveling short distances. Debris and dust can affect you, even when you add goggles. The reason lies in its appearance because it is similar to motorcycle helmets from earlier times. He has no chin guard. There are both models with and without a visor or a screen, sometimes you can also latter mounting and dismounting. The shape is round and open face helmets are more likely to act in total less than full-face helmets.


  • Very easy
  • Easily set up and depose
  • Retro-Style


  • Only average protection
  • Ventilation is often worse than in other helmet
  • At high speeds they tend to be very loud wind noise

Cross HelmetCross Helmet

For the sporty and the off-road use are special helmets. Motocross helmets or just cross Helmets are of downhill and motocross carried -Drivers who are traveling in rough terrain or in special halls. The helmets are constructed similarly full-face helmets but have a significantly longer chin and an elongated screen. You do not have a visor and are instead supported by special motocross goggles. This makes them better ventilated than full-face helmets. However, through the screen, they are also susceptible to wind and therefore impractical at high speeds.

Alternatively, there are the so-called Enduro helmets. These are primarily from the riders of dirt bike street legal is worn. Opposite the motocross helmets, they usually have a slightly shorter screen. Also, there are versions that can be worn either with visor or goggles Cross.


  • Good protective effect
  • Very sporty
  • Good ventilation properties


  • Slightly susceptible to the wind

What is The Safety Certification DOT and Snell? Does it matter?

While most helmets are DOT certified, the US Department of Transportation doesn’t do a good job of enforcing greater safety practices for manufacturers. In contrast, the Snell Foundation is an independent not for profit organization, that claims to have rigorous standards for certification. However, even the most sophisticated and safest of all Helmets will not protect you if it’s the wrong size. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a helmet is that it fits in tightly to the shape of your head.

Purchase Criteria: What to Look for in a Good Motorcycle Helmet

If you have opted for a motorcycle helmet type, which fits your needs, you can deal with the other properties of the helmet to find the right model. This is a particularly important: Try the helmet! Buying the motorcycle helmets for men in a specialized shop, therefore, has the advantage that you can put directly different models in different sizes. A buyer in the Internet searching for the right fit is more difficult. You can only rely on the indicated helmet size. Nevertheless, the selection online is much greater and the prices are sometimes slightly lower. If you want to buy a motorcycle helmet online, so you should first obtain comprehensive information on the various properties. Also, customer opinions can be very helpful here. So a successful purchase is ultimately nothing in the way!

The Right Helmet Size

First measure your head circumference to face, ears and back of the head. This value serves as an orientation for the helmet size. Some helmet manufacturers enter the helmet size numerically – it should then correspond to the head circumference. Most manufacturers use the American system in which the variables are represented by letters (S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, etc.). Here you should look into the size chart of the respective manufacturer according to the head circumference, as sizing varies widely.

To determine whether the helmet fits, you must of course be fitting it. He must sit firmly, but must not simultaneously. When you rotate the helmet easily, the skin on your forehead should move with. Since the internal padding of the helmet wearing after a few hours still gives way, you should not choose too big helmet. The helmet padding must lie at the apex. This is not the case; you should try a larger helmet. Also pay attention to the interior design of the lightweight helmet. Removable cheek pads can help bring it to your head or face shape.

The helmet must not be pull from your head is the chinstrap is closed. The chin strap should be fixed, but may lie larynx or press on the lower jaw. You should keep on the scooter helmets of your head at least 10 minutes, so you can determine if there is somewhere bruises.

Material of the Outer Shell

A distinction is basically divided into two different groups of materials, the thermoplastics, and thermosets. Thermoplastics such as ABS and polycarbonate are injected under high heat to the appropriate shape. They are easy to process but are vulnerable to external influences. For example, can affect the stability of the material and the helmet must be relatively frequently renewing the sunlight. For motocross helmets made of thermoplastics are relatively low.

Among the thermosets include, for example, carbon, aramid and Glass Fiber Plastic. The processing is very complicated because the materials are brittle and not easy to mold. But they convince with their enormous stability and resilience. At the same motorcycle helmets from thermoset materials are lighter than comparable thermoplastic helmets. But they are also more expensive.

If you have a lot of traveling by motorcycle, we recommend a thermoset model. For opportunity drivers a cheap helmets made of ABS or polycarbonate ranges but from perfect.


One of the main features of motorbike helmet is the visor. I am generally recommending more models with visor, since these guarantee a clear view even at high speeds and in adverse weather conditions. Since good visibility is a critical factor in driving safety, you should pay attention to good quality at the sight.

Most popular helmet visors made of polycarbonate. This plastic is transparent and impact resistant, even in an accident, he does not splinter.

Scratch Resistance

When your motorcycle helmet visor that this is scratch proof. This means that it has been coated with a thin layer of special clear lacquer to prevent dust or other particles that may come into contact during the journey or at home with the helmet, leave scratches quickly. Scratches on the visor may affect enormous visibility: they lead to scattered light, view errors and at worst glare.

Fog Protection

A very common problem with visors – especially when Integral helmet – is fogging by the breath of the wearer. Especially in rainy or cold weather, the moisture can accumulate in the air we breathe to the inside of the visor. To prevent this, there are various measures. The most effective are called Pin lock visors. These feature a double glazing. The layer of air between the two panes of the visor ensures that the visor remains clear even in the cold and rain. Also very effective are breath deflector, derive the exhaled air in the helmet down and thus the visor. However, this alone cannot prevent fogging.

A visor without anti-fog protection can be dealt with accordingly. There are for example special sprays. Alternatively, you can wet the visor with a little soft detergent and then polish with a woolen cloth. These both versions hold but always temporary and must be replaced at the latest after three trips. Although an anti-fog adhesive film provides a permanent solution, for a very expensive, on the other hand often form bubbles when gluing.

Cleaning and Care

To prolong the enjoyment of your helmet, you must also maintain the visor correctly. The visor should be cleaned regularly. The same goes for longer trips. During the breaks you should run water over the closed visor to soften dirt. A wet paper towel on the visor enhances soften effect yet.

Sun Visor and Silvering

To keep you safe on the road and in the bright sunshine, an integrated sun visor makes sense. Many helmets can this fold down a button while driving. These sun visors are very convenient and better than sunglasses under the helmet suitable. Other items have a fixed or partial sun visor. This will only work if there is a tendency to head down. This can occur when some motorcycles lead to an unfavorable posture, which is why we do not recommend this option. Also photochromic visors, which automatically adapt to the ambient lighting conditions, are rather impractical. The light-sensitive molecules need a few seconds to color itself or discolor. This is for example problematic when one enters on a sunny day in a tunnel.

In most sportbike helmets defaults to a clear visor. But many motorcyclists prefer tinted or mirrored visors, because it lets you not be seen from outside. To get on the roads used, they must have a separate e-mark. They also may be used only in very good weather conditions and during daylight hours only. At dusk or in the dark, they are prohibited however.


One can in motorcycle helmets differ fundamentally three types of closures: Double-D ring (also 2D closure), Ratchet closure and front zip closure.

The Double-D ring (see above, chapter 1), is of these three types of the most secure connection. In motorcycle racing only this closure is permitted. He can indeed attach rather cumbersome, but has, in contrast to the other closures the advantage that the chin straps every time when setting up the helmet, must be re-tightened. Thus he always remains firmly on the neck. The risk that the belt extends over time, so do not exist.

The snap lock takes the helmet rather rare. It consists of two elements made of hard plastic that are inserted into each other. With this closure, the belt has to be tightened in principle only once – but this carries the risk that the belt unnoticed loosens and the helmet no longer holds properly sometimes. The major drawback of clicking the shutter: In this system you will very often jammed a skin, which can be very painful.

The ratcheting lock, sometimes referred to as Micro lock, consists of a clip to a belt end and a grooved tongue made of plastic. This is inserted into the clip and hooked there. By pressing a button, the connection is released again. This closure can be adjusted very easily and possibly wide or tighten. It has the advantage that the skin on the neck you cannot pinch compared to the click lock. However, one should also here regularly check the setting of the chinstrap and tighten if necessary accordingly.


Good ventilation is especially important when you are planning long trips on your motorcycle. Without adequate ventilation it is to sweat under the helmet hot quickly and you begin. Although the lining can absorb a certain amount of moisture, with time, the still unpleasant.

Just helmets should be supplied with a closed visor the motorcyclist with sufficient fresh air. Aeration also helps to prevent fogging of the visor helps. Make sure that the helmet at the back or top of the head also has vents. Through these openings, an air current is generated in the drive, which cools the head pleasant. These openings can be closed as a rule, if necessary, so that you will not be too cold, for example, on cooler autumn days.


Also, the weight of the helmet is important for the purchase. Most helmets weigh no more than 1,5 kg of nowadays. Folding helmet are sometimes a little more difficult, but should not exceed the 1.7-kg mark. Jet helmets or half-shell helmets are of course relatively easy constructional reasons. Here you have to reckon with a maximum of 1.2 kg. Over time, the weight of the helmet can still be quite difficult. How much a motorcycle helmet weighs is dependent not only on its design but also on the materials used. Polycarbonate and other thermoplastics are significantly heavier than thermosets such as carbon. Our test winner in the category motocross helmets for example, weighs just under 1.2 kg – other helmets with a similar protective effect weigh an average of 300 to 400 g more. However, does this frequently in the price noticeable.

Five Top Motorcycle Helmet Reviews (Updated 2018)

It’s not an easy task to rate best five motor bike helmet. Bike market is so large and various high quality and large company have their own best helmet brands. For finding top rated motorcycle helmets, we needed help from amazon, eBay and Walmart. We collect previous customer rating, review and also price and after that we are calculating best five. So check and read the five reviews that are right now more popular in the market.Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s Guide

ILM 10 Colors Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT

Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet. This adult sized matte black motorcycle helmet is the most advanced modular helmet. It has a one-hand, one button flip-up system which changes the helmet from a full face helmet to an open face helmet. It is waterproof and glove friendly, plus has EPS impact absorption inner liner which absorbs sweat. The liner is completely washable and removable and is a lightweight durable shell. The advance thermoplastic shell technology used to create this helmet keeps you safer on the road.

One of the safest helmet available, this helmet also features an easy to retract sun visor which is scratch resistant. You’ll also be pleased to note that the helmet has an advanced ventilation system that gives you the best air flow possible.

Since this is a modular dual visor motorcycle helmet, the jaw piece will pop up but is not removable. Before purchasing you should go to the website for the correct sizing as well to ensure you are getting a properly fitting helmet. Also, there are air vents on this helmet to help prevent fogging if you are wearing any type of glasses, however due to weather you could still experience some fogging.

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s GuideBell Rogue Unisex-Adult Half Street Helmet

Bell Rougue helmet is another fantastic motorcycle helmet like no other helmet available. This Bell Rogue helmet is striking in looks and has a composite shell that makes up the base of the helmet which is lightweight. On the inside, you’ll find a safe and plush liner, but the thing that stands out the most about this helmet is the Rogues muzzle. It is built to shield your face from the wind, bugs and cold, and it can also detach quickly when needed.

This helmet has the comfort and freedom of an open face helmet and will definitely get you noticed no matter what kind of motorcycle you ride. The adjustable muzzle also has a liner which is removable and the Fid Lock magnetic connection makes putting on takeoff the muzzle a simple task.

This helmet has three different EPS and shell sizes, giving you the most comfort and range of size, plus a washable and removable interior. For added convenience you’ll find speaker pockets, plus the helmet includes D-rings made of quality stainless steel and metal badges. It comes with a five-year warranty and is DOT certified.

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s GuideGmax Gm54S Modular Helmet

GMax GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet with a Solid Gloss Black Inner Sun VisorThis helmet includes an alloy shell of thermo-plastic and a sun shield which is retractable. The helmet has a small, lightweight shell design which sits down on your head. It has an inner flip tin sun less and this shield is raised or lowered easily with a lever which is located on the outside of the helmet. It has a distortion free lens shield and new, multi-function integrated red LED rear light, plus an optional rear break light kit.

You can easily use one hand to push open the chin bar and the high quality shield reduces any unwanted noise or air. Also part of this helmet is a dual exhaust venting system that is also adjustable and vents from the side, top and rear, lowering the amount of sweating and fogging by letting out any hot air from around your mouth and the top of your head. The chin vent which is adjustable as well will direct any air up over the inside of the shield to lessen or even stop fogging. The large eye port gives you an improved range of vision and the cool max cheek pads and comfort liner wick away the moisture from your body, plus the fabric dries fast.

The interior is removable and washable, plus the cheek pad is adjustable so you can get a better and more comfortable fit. The deluxe ear pockets on this helmet also provide you with additional comfort and a better fit, plus the pockets for speakers which are built in are handy for many listening devices.

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s GuideHJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

This DOT approved helmet has a composite shell made of advanced poly carbonate, making it a superior and lightweight fit and extreme comfort using CAD advanced technology. The integrated sun shield is easy to use with just one touch and the three stage adjustable and smoke tinted sun shield quickly and easily opens to shield your eyes and keep you safe.

The helmet includes an AccuSight anti-fog face shield which is optically superior due to its 3D design and gives you ninety-five percent UV protection, plus it has a coating to prevent it from getting scratched up. You’ll also be pleased to find an interior with moisture-wicking capabilities giving you an odor free interior with the advanced silver fabric which is anti-bacterial. It is also removable, comfortable and washable, giving you the best in style and comfort.

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018 - Buyer’s GuideO’Neal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

Constructed with PrePreg fiberglass and a nylon construction which is cross woven, this helmet is made using an advanced manufacturing process which is usually reserved for exotic cars or high end aeronautical parts. This type of production for a motorcycle helmet is rarely seen, and in the end you get a precise shell design which is extremely uniform. All the shells have to be within fifty grams of the weight stated on the helmet itself so it can pass quality controls which are very strict.

The shell also turns out to be very lightweight. Plus, the company has three different outer shell sizes which makes sure the helmet will look proportionate with your body. A lot of other brands only sell one shell size, which can result in a disproportionate look.

The spoiler on top which is over sized is one of the smartest features of this helmet. This is because it has been made to pull the tornadic buffeting that happens at the back of all helmets away from the back of the helmet, making it much quieter and stable on the highway.

Plus, with the capabilities of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you can easily listen to your media devices or GPS directions without any wires hanging in your way or having a cumbersome microphone up against your face.

Tips for Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet

When you are looking for the cool motorbike helmets, there are some things you should learn to look for to help you do this. So what exactly does make a particular helmet the best one? The best helmet in the end is one that suits you just right and will fit all of your needs, not your friend’s. You’ll need to look for safety, comfort and make sure the price is right as well.

  • How is the Fit? – The most important thing to check is that it fits properly, because this will ensure it offers the safety you need. A lot of riders who are inexperienced many times will purchase a helmet that is too large. This could wind up being more comfortable at first, but will not offer you the right protection if it is loose.
  • Comfort – Sometimes you could be on a longer journey where you’ll need the helmet on for long periods of time. So it is therefore important to make sure the helmet you choose is very comfortable. Getting a headache partway through your journey will be a distraction you don’t need on the road.
  • Try it On! – Even if you plan to purchase online, make sure to go to a store at some point beforehand and try on the helmet you want to get. You have to make absolute certain it is comfortable and fits properly.
  • Is it Competitively Priced? – Some manufacturers will try and get away with charging more than the market value for a product. Look for brands which have competitive pricing instead to get the best value for your money. Sometimes you can find some great cheap motorcycle helmet comparing the expensive ones.
  • Is the Helmet Suitable? – Think about the type of biking you will be doing, as you’ll need a different helmet for commuting then you would for sports.
  • Who is it Built for? – There are differences in helmets created for different genders. This is because head shapes can vary slightly, so to make sure of your comfort and safety, you need a helmet which is made for your gender.
  • Do You Love it? – Lastly, is the helmet one that you are certain you are happy with? If this is the case and you can afford it and it fits the job you need it for, then you have found the best motorcycle helmet for you.

Questions and Answers About Good Motorcycle Helmet

How long is a motorcycle helmet preserved? When you have to change a motorcycle helmet?

With regular use, you should renew your helmet every 5 years. This has mainly to do with the fact that the plastic of the outer shell is sensitive to environmental influences, in particular solar radiation. You pay for the time their strength and stability, so that the protective effect decreases.

Even after an accident, you should replace the helmet. Even if you can see from the outside is no damage, but may have formed during the collision crazing. These affect the stability of the helmet, which is why it should not be worn.

Which motorcycle helmet is suitable for eyeglass wearers?

While there are few best motorcycle helmets, which are touted as special glasses helmets. However, it is basically that you need to try on helmet and goggles together. Just the bow of the spectacles may bend or press disturbing. Folding helmet can in principle be easily set up with a pair of glasses as a full-face helmet.

Who painted motorcycle helmets?

If you want to buy a personalized motorcycle helmet, it makes sense to look for in your neighborhood for a specialized airbrush artist. These can beautify your motorcycle helmet with any motive. A list of various airbrush artists can be found here.

Can we pick up the helmet in an accident?

If you had an accident a motorcyclist administers first aid, you need to remove the helmet. The only way to ensure that the victim is not stifled. When removing the motorcycle helmet, you must make sure that the cervical spine is stabilized. The assumption that the first responder’s motorcycle helmet may not lose weight is simply wrong.

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