A Motorcycle Helmet Can Safe Your LifeA large number of studies have actually proven that motorcycle helmet goes a very long way in saving one’s life in the event of a motorcycle accident owing to the fact that it greatly reduces your chances of suffering a fatal head injury by around forty percent. Your chances of getting an injury that is not fatal are increased by fifteen percent.

Over the past fifteen years, great improvements have been made in the technology and construction employed in the motorcycle helmets industry. The helmets available today provide much more comfort and much more protection when compared to the [previous ones. The current helmets no longer limit the field of hearing and field of vision that the rider will have. To add onto that, the face shield is very beneficial in ensuring that the rider is very well protected from bugs, debris and forceful wind blasts. The helmets also provide adequate protection for the ears and this results in limited wind noise.

The motorcycle helmets being used today are made using Kevlar, carbon fiber, polycarbonate plastic or fiberglass. The structure of the helmet allows for the compression f the helmet when it is impacted upon. The compression of the helmet results in the even distribution of the force of the impact all over the helmet which results in decreased amount of pressure being exerted on one’s head. Expanded polystyrene is the major component of the interior lining of the helmet and it synergistically works together with the shell to ensure absorption of the impact. A large number of these helmets also come with extra padding to ensure that the wearer gets a comfortable and snug fit. Proper fastening of the chin strap goes a long way in making sure that in the event that there is a crash, the helmet does not fall off from the head.

Despite the fact that a large number of enhancements have been made to the construction of the motorcycle helmets and the vast public awareness being carried out massively to inform people of the risks of being on a motorcycle without a helmet, a large number of motorcyclists would opt to not put on a helmet if given a chance to choose. This is not in any way surprising owing to the fact that human beings generally tend to have a rebellious nature and always opt to go for the forbidden fruit. However, you have to understand that this is a case of life and death. You as the motorcyclist are the body of the motorcycle and in the event that an accident does take place, all the impact will directly fall on your body and you could very easily die. This then goes to say that in the event that you truly love and treasure your life, you would take the step of getting yourself a helmet.

It does not matter how much fun or how cool you think it is to go riding on a motorcycle without a motorcycle helmet, it is dangerous. It does not make any sense for you to die simply because you failed to put on a helmet.

In 2020, there is no substitute being uneducated on the rules of the road. Almost fifty percent of all motorcycle deaths are the result of single-vehicle crashes. The statistics are even higher for older riders. There are many factors that contribute to this including brittle bones, weaker eyesight, and slower reflexes. Studies have shown that motorcycle enthusiasts over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be hospitalized after a crash than younger riders.

With this in mind, being safe on the roads is crucial, both for you and for other road users. When it comes to motorcycle safety, it’s important to remember that motorcyclists have the same rights as any other driver on the road. This month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Hussey Fraser has created this infographic that outlines what motorcyclists need to know in order to stay safe on the roads. Although motorcycles might be deemed as ‘’less safe’’ than other vehicles, there are many things motorcyclists (as well as drivers in cars) can do to keep everyone safe on the road. As you would imagine, safety always begins with a well-maintained motorcycle and a properly trained motorcyclist.

The correct gear is also important. Gear won’t save you from crashing but wearing the proper helmet, clothing and accessories will help protect you in the event of a crash. The helmet is the most critical part of any riders gear. A proper helmet is made up of: an outer shell, an impact-absorbing linter, a comfort padding and a retention system (chin strap). The key to staying safe on your bike is by being prepared and avoiding risks. Although many motorcycle lovers enjoy a lifetime of riding without injury, many are not as lucky. Let’s check out the infographic to learn how you can stay safe your bike!

Have you been in an accident recently? Let us know below!

Have you been in an accident recently? Let us know below!

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